Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Ferrari F2012 Singapore Brake Discs

The Marina Bay track gives brakes a really hard time during the course of a race weekend. It is one of the toughest tracks on brakes. The new brake discs were tested in the GPs of Spa and Monza and used in Singapore. The new Discs, which like the old ones are again supplied by Brembo, use a new material called CER, which loses only 1mm of thickness compared to the old material called CCR, which lost 4mm of thickness during the course of the race weekend. Also, the new brake discs feature more than 1000 cooling holes arranged in the format of 5 holes per row to improve cooling.
The brake caliper (yellow arrow) was placed vertically for this race due to the higher demand for cooling, in contrast with previous races where it was placed horizontally below the wheel center line (red arrow) for a lower center of gravity. It is harder to cool the brakes when the brake caliper is placed horizontally, Red Bull experienced problems in 2010 with the brake caliper placed in this configuration with Sebastian Vettel retiring from the Australian GP with a brake issue.

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