Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Red Bull DDRS System

With a photo of the Double DRS outlet surfacing today, revealing a hole below the beam wing on the rear wing endplate (highlighted on the above drawing), it is believed that we have discovered how Red Bull's DDRS system works!
As we all know, with htis system Red Bull manages to shed off even more drag when the DRS is activated which is giving them a small top speed advantage.
Last weekend the holes feeding the system were revealed by Sutton Images, with a photo showing the holes clearly. Below you can see those holes:

It is believed that there are actually two holes on each side of the beam wing. Air is fed from the top through the holes in the above drawing and then channeled down to the beam wing via pipes inside the endplates to the two holes in each side of the beam wing. These holes manage to stall the airflow thus reducing downforce and breaking up the wing tip vortices induced. 

Red Bull has four more races left to use this system and take advantage of it, because as of next year these systems will be banned. 

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