Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Red Bull RB8 Singapore New Front Wing

Left: New Front Wing                                                        Right: Old Front Wing

 Red Bull introduced a new front wing from Saturday morning onwards available for both cars, during FP3 during the Singapore GP weekend. The new part was flown there on Friday evening and thus was tested the next morning. It is very unusual for teams to test new parts on Saturday mornings but Red Bull was so satisfied with it they used it on both cars during both qualifying and the race.

The new front wing features a new upper flap (highlighted)  that now makes it a 4-element wing  close to the pylons. The new flaps work mostly to provide the rest of the car with better airflow thus increasing overall downforce and maybe to produce a little bit more downforce itself. 

The new slot (highlighted) make the wing a 5-element wing close to the endplates. The new slot will allow  them to run a higher AoA (angle of attack) as it will help the airflow stay attached without the wing stalling. This 5-element configuration was used by ferrari since the beginning of the season and Red Bull are the first to use a similar configuration.

The wing used in Singapore also features more gurney flaps (highlighted) which are probably tailored to the Marina Bay track as it is a very high downforce track.

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