Saturday, October 6, 2012

F2012 Japan New Rear Wing

Ferrari tested 3 different versions of its rear wing gills on Friday's Free Practice sessions. 

I named the three different versions A,B & C. Version B was the one tested in Singapore (Singapore Rear Wing) and the one that was used for Qualifying and the Race by Felipe Massa. Version A was thoroughly tested by both Alonso and Massa on Friday but wasn't used for Qualifying and the Race. The gills are slightly reshaped to leak more high pressure air to the outside of the endplates in order to reduce the strength of the vortex. The revised gills in version A look similar to the ones McLaren introduced in Singapore (McLaren Singapore Gills). In contrast version C has only 2 gills as it aims to increase downforce produced by the rear wing at the expense of drag.
Furthermore, the vertical gills that were tested in Singapore were tested again on Friday but were note used again. 

Ferrari also tested and raced a new front wing in Japan (Japan New Front Wing)

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