Saturday, October 6, 2012

RB8 New Front Wing in Japan

Top: New one            Bottom: Old one
Red Bull shipped two new front wings on Friday night and tested them on Saturday morning and used the wings for the rest of the weekend. The new front wing is very similar to the one used in Singapore with two minor alterations.

The first alterations is slightly reshaping the two upper flaps (1st drawing), making them longer. It is still a high downforce wing but they have removed the gurney flaps (2nd drawing), because of the nature of the Suzuka circuit requiring high but efficient downforce.

Rumors in the paddock suggested that the new front wing doesn't bring neither more or less performance, it is a modified wing to comply with the more severe FIA load tests that will be in action from the Japanese GP onward, The new test was brought forward after Ferrari suggested that Red Bull and McLaren are tilting their front wings backwards at high speed to decrease drag and increase top speed.

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