Saturday, October 6, 2012

Sauber C31 Japan New Front Wing

Sauber has really improved and amazed this year, following its own path in development of their 2012 challenger, the C31. They have had some very interesting developments like their exhaust from pre-season testing, their nose hole and the sidepod flow conditioner that McLaren has copied from them (MP4-27 Flow Conditioner).
Sauber have been using the same Front Wing since Spain after they tested it in the Mugello test and have introduced a new one this weekend in Japan. 
Top: New one     Bottom: Old one

The most obvious change is seen on the cascade wings where they have added another winglet and they have revised the shape of their bigger main cascade wing. Due to the higher downforce produced now by their cascade wing assembly, the support has been re-positioned inwards to support the higher load.

Another less prominent alteration has been made to the top, and the only one adjustable flap which is  now rounded at the edges, also the point where the second element meets the first one on the innermost part of the wing has now been smoothed out.
The final alteration has been made to the top outermost part of the front wing and the 4th element, as it is stationary and cannot be adjusted like the flap described above. Sauber have revised its shape and like the previous two alterations target flow management instead of downforce production. Suzuka is purely an aero track so it is the ideal place to test these changes.

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