Saturday, October 6, 2012

MP4-27 Japan Upgrade

Main Drawing: Old one          Inset: New one
McLaren brought a new sidepod flow conditioner in Japan, an upgrade to the one introduced in Belgium and originally used by Sauber. The aim of this flow conditioner is to keep the airflow attached to the sidepod’s surface and improve the downwash of airflow towards the exhaust and in turn improve the exhaust flow in the diffuser increasing rear downforce. In addition, the flow conditioner reduces the lift produced by the sidepod’s top leading edge.

The new one introduced this weekend was tested in Friday’s Free Practice sessions and kept on the car for the rest of the weekend. The new one is placed slightly higher in an attempt to increase the ‘conditioned’ volume of airflow staying attached to the sidepod’s surface and increase the downwash effect, all targeted to improving rear downforce.

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